The Journey Begins

Me and my daughter

I never wanted to go university. After having a Gap year completing college I felt it was time to come out of my comfort zone and see if I was ready. I know it would make my family proud so why not take a leap into the unknown.

After the first term I knew It wasn’t for me and so I left. I continued to work, uncertain about what direction to take next and lead by fear only wanting to make right choices.

A couple months later (December) picking up on overtime at work and had just booked a holiday with my boyfriend in June. I now had more time to figure out what route to take next…well I thought I had time until I found out I was pregnant.

Why now? Why me? What am I going to do? How am I going tell my parents?

I always knew I was going to keep my baby but was afraid of what others would think/say. Am I ready for this? Is there ever a right time?, Could I balance being a mother whilst fulfilling my own dreams? That left me torn and In doubt. I knew I would have to make sacrifices, that it may take longer to reach my goals but surely its possible.

I had no clue on how my parents would react and tried to not to overthink different scenarios. Thankfully my parents agreed to support me in my decision. Yes, there were moments thoughout the months as my belly my grew that my parents looked overwhelmed and uncertain. Although they ensured to reassure me that I had their support.

Telling my friends was easy as some were already parents. It nice, having friends that can relate to you. Although some gave me a word of advice, I call preparation to have thick skin as I’m going to get a lot of stares and opinions throughout my motherhood journey, especially as I look younger than my age.

With embracing and loving my pregnancy I also became mindful of those little moments I would get a stare and thought of judgement. I realised you hardly see any young women who have children attend their antenatal classes or mother and baby clubs. Throughout my pregnancy I would keep up to date with the growth of my baby via the Bounty App and reading blogs on other motherhood experiences but could never find the topic discussions that I could really relate to at the time of need in my journey becoming Young parent.

Motherhood already comes with the pressures to keep on top of everything and for that we should be celebrated and motivated. It’s a gift to all women whatever age, size or stage in life that your in. I feel it’s our duty as mothers to break the stereotype surrounding motherhood especially young motherhood as we are no different then one another.

Now I am no writer but I am passionate enough to share my experiences and journey with you as I evolve through Motherhood.

Hope your here to stay on this journey.

Ren x

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