Finding ‘Me Time’ in the Chaos Motherhood can bring


I wouldn’t change it for the world although sometimes can really have you questioning your sanity if you let it get the best of you. At the beginning stages relaxing was my last priority. My ‘first-time mummy senses’ kept me constantly on autopilot, ensuring baby was ok at all times.

However, this affected me badly as not attended to my own needs had me begging for a break. I was lacking balance. As a Mother your little one or more becomes your first priority no matter what. We have to prepare for the distractions in our daily routines and sometimes it’s those distractions that can take up the whole day. We all, as individuals, can overload ourselves and it’s important to give yourself ( especially if your a Mother) a moment to relax in the chaos because you deserve it.

Below are some of the things I’m currently doing that helps me relax.

1. Start a new hobby

I’ve recently added 10mins of yoga to my daily routine. Every morning and also before I go to bed if I’m super achy. I never realised how tense my body was until I started yoga. I feel the pull in every muscle but rather it being a pull of pain and having your muscles throb for about a week, Yoga ( at the least the one for beginners) promotes to only stretch the body as far as your body relaxes at that moment. It also focuses on the breath, becoming present and setting good intentions. As a mother, this is super beneficial as it’s a guaranteed way for peace of mind and relaxation of the body.

2. Meditation

You’ve probably heard it before, tried and thought err no thanks. If you haven’t then you’ve probably been living under a rock. Ok, enough of the jokes.

Meditation is a practice which is meant to quite the mind and connects you with the oneness of yourself and the world around you. We usually associate meditation with sitting up straight, hands on our knees and going ummmmmm which for me never worked.

Although there are different ways to meditate. Guided meditation is my favourite as the relaxing voices guides me through my meditation reassuring me that I’m doing it correctly and keeps me focused on the breath. I also like to repeat a mantra whilst I’m doing my meditation which helps me set my intention for the day.

3. Have Spa day

I and friend both needed a break so we decided to go to the spa one evening. Honestly, it was the best thing I could have done and the first thing I should have done once fully healed from birth. Leave your phone in the locker and make the most of the facilities they offer. Our facilities included a gym, Suna room, Steam room and a choice of a message. We both decided to get the Swedish massage which included the most amazing head massage. It physically removed my mental stress enabling me to feel revived and rejuvenated.

4. Grab yourself a book!

Every day I make sure I find the time to read. Preferably in the morning, I’ll read something about what I want to learn and end it off in the evening with a positive blog post. Throughout the day I’ll listen to audiobooks to ensure that I’m constantly learning. You don’t have to go as hard as I do. I have my reasons to why I consciously try to fill my brain with knowledge. But what’s yours?

If you’re stuck on what to read, explore blogs, articles, audio books and podcasts. Listening is also a great way to distract your mind beyond chaos. Write down a list of the topics that interest you. Give your mind an outlet on your most stressed days to explore the world of your imagination, Knowledge and growth.

It’s so easy to forget the now little luxury’s you once had all the time to do. My intention for this post is to remind you to make time yourself a daily habit, because you deserve it.

Sending you positive vibes and peace of mind.

Ren x

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