Pros of being a Young Mum

I gave birth at 20, so I’m on the young spectrum of parenthood. Becoming a parent and being considered a good parent isn’t defined but your age. We all have our individual definitions.

Every journey has a story and I choose to share mine with you so here are some pros on my journey being a young Mum.

1. You have more energy and time

Being young you naturally have more energy whizzing around in your body, although at times you may not feel it.

Having energy allows me to stay proactive with Mylah whilst making time for other priorities.

I can get involved with all the other kids climbing through the frames, gliding down the slides and diving into the ball pit.

I feel freer to explore my inner child as I find genuine enjoyment in participating and planning activities for Mylah.

2. You get to grow with your child

This is the best thing about being a young parent. You still have TIME! You don’t need to restrict yourself and question yourself on life’s coulda, woulda, shoulda’s. It’s not the end of your world even though at times you may think it is.

Some people have their careers first, some are in the process, others find their passion after having a child and some later in life.

Whatever your circumstance, you have the opportunity to have a longer ( and sometimes closer) relationship with your child, you have more time to figure out exactly what being a Mother means to you.

As you grow, learn and try new things your little one will also learn, grow and try new things. You’ll learn so much from each other and may even leap into new ventures you never thought was possible but now Know it is as you’ll always have your little one right by your side.

3. You learn the importance of responsibility

Every action you take has a consequence.

If having a baby hasn’t made you realise this yet then other situations in life will.

We are responsible for everything that happens to us In life ( I’m still digesting this one and learning to take my own advice) and also your little one who is dependent on you taking responsibility.

Let’s both learn to own our responsibilities by becoming more mindful of the consequence before diving into action. Remember I didn’t say don’t take Risks but to Respond to life’s situations with a growth mindset by making choices with your child’s best interest at heart.

4. You have the advantage of know how life really works

Being young you have the opportunity to learn how life really works. Especially if you live or are deciding to move out. It’s a lot and can be very daunting at times.

Use this time to do research and understand adulting, after all becoming a parent is considered a huge part of adulting. So do yourself the favour to try to learn the boring things life expects you to know, that you may not fully understand. Learn how money works, learn what is and the importance of life insurance, learn what council tax is and the list can go on and on.

Having basic knowledge of these things will help build your confidence when making adult decisions, that you may thank yourself for in the future.

5. Appreciate the importance of family

Spending time with my family was my last priority. Although, once I had Mylah everything changed.

I need my family as they are my biggest support system. They never fail to see how I’m doing and ask to see Mylah. Mylah will grow up with her other little cousins who are also her age which I love as I know she will never be alone.

Family are the people who are by your side no matter what. That doesn’t mean you have to be related so if that a friend keep them close.

6. Your child will have a close relationship with their grandparents ( and sometimes even great or great-great Grandparents)

Mylah has a close relationship with her grandparents on both sides of the family. Especially with my Mum, it’s great because my Mum’s of an age where she is able to take Mylah places and have her overnight.

Mylah also sees her great grandparents often and has two great-great grandparents who are still alive. This is a blessing as not many people have the chance to see generations in their family.

I hope these pros of being a young parent helped you to realise that there is always a positive in every situation. This is my journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Feel free to share any other pros that you’ve experienced being a young parent.

Sending you positive vibes.

Ren x